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IFP Board 

The International Financial Program offers students the opportunity to develop themselves in the field of sales, research and consultancy. It is possible to apply for a position either as a board member or participant. A board position will cost approximately 24 hours per week, whereas participants spend around 12 hours per week on the project.

A board year gives you the opportunity to develop yourself on a social and professional level, gain valuable contacts, and have the best time of your life!


The IFP board consists of 5 members. Each of these members has its own responsibilities and tasks. You can read a description of the 5 functions below.


As chairman, you are the general contact person for the IFP project. You keep close contact with stakeholders such as the university, the embassy, the advisory board and the professors. You are leading the meetings with your fellow board members and providing the topics of these meetings. Thereby you have to keep an overview of the whole project and keep the group motivated.

External relations and treasurer

This function is a combination of the function ‘External relations’, which is described below, and ‘Treasurer’. As External relations and treasurer, you are responsible for the acquisition phase together with the other externals, and you manage the budget of the IFP project. At the start of the year, you construct a budget and throughout the year you are responsible for the financials.

External relations (1&2)

As the external relations, you are responsible for the acquisition during the first phase of IFP. You are in contact with big international firms to discuss the possibilities for a research project. You guide and help the participants and keep an overview of their progress. It is important that you have great communication skills, persuasiveness, leadership skills and a smooth chat

PR and travel logistics

The ‘PR and travel logistics’ function includes many tasks, such as keeping the social media channels up to date, recruiting participants and the organization of the informal activities of IFP. Throughout the year, you are in charge of an ‘activity group’, with whom you will organize the trip to the country of destination.  For this function, it is preferable that you have some experience with photoshop, InDesign or other creative programs.


If you are interested in becoming the next IFP Board member, you can apply by sending your resume and motivation (in English) to before the 10th of March 23:59.

Feel free to schedule a coffee date with one of the board members by sending an e-mail to or text to +31650714678 to gain some more information about the IFP Board.
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